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Schedule Service for your Ford at Bud Cross Ford

Regular service and maintenance is the key to keeping your Ford running for the long haul, and the Bud Cross Ford service center can handle all your service needs. We've been serving the Aldwell, TX area for years, and our service department is dedicated to making quality, affordability and customer service our highest priorities.

The Benefits of Regular Service

Some drivers in Franklin, TX, might have a tendency to only think about maintenance and service when something goes wrong. But that mindset shortens the lifespan of a vehicle, sometimes by a considerable number of years.

Getting regular service in College Station, TX heads off problems before they become big (and expensive). Keeping your vehicle in premium condition means less cascading wear-and-tear problems that can affect related systems and parts within your vehicle. Simply put, regular maintenance saves you money and extends your Ford's lifetime on the road.

Why Choose the Bud Cross Ford Service Center?

Sure, there are many auto shops in the Aldwell, TX and Franklin, TX area offering similar services to ours. But if you're looking for top-of-the-line service for your Ford, the Bud Cross Ford service center has an edge over the competition.

That's because our technicians were trained specifically on Fords, and they've put in years of work on Fords, building up expertise through countless jobs on Ford vehicles. In contrast, general auto shops are working on vehicles of every make and model, and those mechanics know far, far less about Fords than we do.

This means our technicians know exactly how to address every maintenance task or repair imaginable in College Station, TX. There's no guesswork or sloppy mistakes due to inexperience at the Bud Cross Ford service center.

When it comes to servicing Fords, we firmly believe our service center is at the head of the class in Aldwell, TX. Schedule an appointment with us at your next convenience and bring your Ford in soon.